Yo, I got a blog! 😳

Woah! I have a blog. Now to figure out how all of this works.

Anyway, now to get all deep. Ha!

I’ve always found it beautiful when a random conversation with someone detours the chorus (yes, I meant to type it that way) of your day. Today was work as usual, I love my job so I can’t say that’s a bad thing…but an unexpected conversation with a friend prompted me to sing a new song. And that song was called “Create Your Blog, Girl”.

So, here I am!

Thid is something I e wanted to do for so long but never felt quite good enough, interesting, enough and SO much more. But to heck with all that! I’m 30 now, I do what I want! Ha!

I’m so excited to see what this new song will bring. But I’m most excited to see what God will do through me as I let him conduct the melody.

With that being said, never be afraid to alter the routine of your song. Most compositions have been enhanced by happenstance. 😉🎶



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