All things work together, but…

I haven’t yet figured out whether this is comical or disturbing. Or maybe a mixture of both depending on the person delivering it. But why are we, believers, sometimes so eager to paraphrase scriptures only to sacrifice key parts? There are plenty I could name but one of the most commonly used is Romans 8:28.

“All things work together for your good….PERIOD”. That’s it. Nothing else. It’s all just going to be fine for everyone…everywhere…eventually! Just keep doin’ you, boo!


That’s pretty much the equivalent to mixing all the ingredients for a cake but never putting it into the oven. Or receiving one of those emails telling you that you’ve won a million dollars but never telling you how to retrieve it. 

Yo! Quit it. That’s not what the scripture says! You’re missing one really important thing. One that requires ACTION. 

Romans 8:28  And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God; to them who are the called according to his purpose.

There are two parts to that scripture. The second part is God’s role (being called). The other is OUR ROLE!

We have to love Him.

I won’t get all deep into what it means to love God just for sake of time and attention spans; or lack of both. But to sum it up; LOVE is a verb. It’s something you do and show.

You may not be able to send God flowers, but you sure can use the gifts He’s given you to glorify him. You may not be able to Give him a hug, but you sure can spend some time serving Him and his people. Should I keep going?

Now, I’m not telling you to be like the people in my blog I’d be a Christian if it weren’t for Christians…, out here just beating folks up with scripture. Don’t. Sometimes people just need an uplifting word. One that will let them know they’ll make it though life’s rough patches. But don’t abuse it and if at all possible, use that scripture as a tool to evangelize! Not a means of sugarcoating.

Stepping off my soapbox now and turning on some Lecrae. Ha! I love y’all!

Keep your head to the sky. 😉

Keep shining,

  • Jess

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