Don’t drop the ball…


Reading this chapter was like watching a replay of Tony Romo killing yet another chance of a win for the Cowboys. 😣 Painful…just painful.

Now, I’m not much of a sports fan so don’t attack me or try to talk sports to me, because I’m pretty clueless. However, I was involuntarily drafted into Cowboy nation in High School and have been rooting for the underdog since.

By the way…Heeey Zeek, how you doin?


In 1 Kings 13, we meet a prophet from Judah. The Bible doesn’t give him a name (which I think is because we can all insert our names in this story in some fashion) so we’re just going to call him Tony.

Our initial impression of Tony is that he’s dope. 😎 God sent him to Bethel with a word for Jeroboam…and specific instructions for himself. But midway through us meeting good, ol’ Tony…he fumbles. Fumbles BAD! He drops the ball (aka the word that God gave him) all because he fell for shenanigans.

The worst kind of shenanigans at that! The “God said” type shenanigans that we still fall for today. You know, when someone approaches you with ‘a word from the Lord’ that contradicts what God originally said to you but it doesn’t sound particularly bad 🤔, so you wind up fumbling the word God gave you because of what they said . Yep, that type of shenanigan.

I don’t think I’m speaking for just myself when I say “I’ve been Tony”. We get antsy and let outside voices change our minds about what God initially said. And for lots of different reasons. It could be time the time it’s taking a word to ‘manifest’, a plot twist within the waiting that makes you think you misheard God, or just plain ol’ bad manipulation posing as a word from the Lord. Whatever it is, we’ve all been Tony. But thank God for grace and mercy because if you’re reading this, you obviously haven’t had that fatal encounter with Scar.


With all that said…Go back to God’s original word and stay grounded in it! Anything that contradicts it should be ignored or taken to Him! But whatever you do, don’t let it change your mind or your stance! Let HIM separate the wheat from the tare when it comes to words from outsiders. And know, no matter who they say they are or how wise you know them to be, it’s ok to let what they say roll right off your back if it doesn’t line up with God’s word!

And remember: “When we’re recovering from a spiritual fumble, we must realize everyone does stupid stuff. No one is exempt. An occasional misstep doesn’t brand us as stupid—it makes us real. God loves us regardless of our mishaps. After a fumble, do as any good football player would. Fight to recover what you lost, get back into the game, and let the Lord turn your loss into a gain. With Him, in spite of our fumbles we can rise to great heights.” – Jake Byrne

Keep shining,


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