Hello, I’m insecure…


We all grew up thinking there was at least a small possibility that monsters could be living under our bed. But no one warned us about the ones we carry around with us. They’re ugly, and scary, and can swallow us whole if we let them. But despite all those characteristics, we accept them and claim them as our own. We allow them to shape our daily lives, how we view ourselves, and affect how (or if) we interact with others.

These little monsters go by the name of “insecurities”.

At their core, I N S E C U R I T I E S are a direct result of us taking our eyes off God and focusing on self. A common trick of the enemy! The trick that he tripped himself up with that ultimately caused his fall from Heaven. And (not so) ironically, the first trick we see him use against Eve in Genesis when he tempted her with knowledge that she didn’t even know she didn’t have!

We all deal with insecurities but there’s hope! By acknowledging the root, resisting the source, and activating the solution we can walk in freedom!

The root:

Insecurites mask themselves as jealousy, inadequacy, feeling like you have to fix things you know you can’t, worry, fear, etc, but the root of it all is insecurity and we rarely call it what it is. The word itself has become taboo. But there is power in ‘naming’ something. It forces us to face it’s reality and all that comes with it. Insecurity. A lack of faith in who God created you to be based on what you think you lack or have too much of.

But you are loved and handcrafted by the Father! You are fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalm 139:14)! So, don’t disrespect His masterpiece by comparing yourself to anything other than the words He’s spoken about you!

The source:

Insecurities can sprout up from anywhere. Some insecurities are fabricated in our minds but most are a result of how we’ve been handled during our upbringing, the things we see, and how we’re treated within friendships and/or relationships. But regardless of the visible source of our insecurities; their underlying source is still the enemy. He desires to keep you focused on yourself so you can fall just like he did! Don’t let him!

The solution:

The only way to combat insecurities is to make what God says about us louder than any thought we have about ourselves. Make what He said about you good enough! But first, ask yourself why it isn’t. 🤔 Who are you listening to? Who’s opinion means most to you?

Get in his word! Pray! And ask him to show you what he thinks of you! Ask him to expose and pluck each of them from the root! He’ll do it – just ask! And while your at it, don’t allow Satan to tell you that you are alone in the way you feel. He uses shame to keep you bound in silence because he knows that seeds of insecurity grow best in dark places. Those places in your heart that you tuck away from everyone because you’re scared of what they’ll think/say about you. DON’T BELIEVE THE HYPE! You are not alone!!!! It’s ok to be vulnerable and let people you trust know about your struggle. God sends people to help uplift and affirm us! Open up.

And last, remember that Jesus didn’t die for us to be bound by lies we keep telling ourselves!


Keep shining!



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