Merry Christmas baby (Jesus), you sho’ do treat me nice…

No matter what’s going on in life right now…focus on what matters most!

Holidays can be a double edged sword. Although the masses expect the general feeling should be happiness…the reality is that sometimes it’s not. Things get put into perspective when you see others enjoying what you’re struggling to find or have lost.

But CHANGE YOUR FOCUS! Hour by hour, minute by minute, or even second by second….command your mind to align with God’s word. Especially today! Yes, deal with the reality of life…because truth is…it HURTS! But it would be selfish to be consumed with what you don’t have on a day that God sent you everything you’d ever need. A savior. So get it together, Jessica!

Oh, hey y’all! Lol This was for me…but I pray you’re blessed too!

Enjoy what you have & keep shining!


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