My date with Matthew…

This was a rough year to say the very least.

I entered it nervous, angry, confused, engaged, hopeful, but in a legit spiritual rut.

I’m leaving it still a bit rattled, hurt, single, broken but with a new perspective of how much God truly loves me.

If I had to give 2017 a title, it would be “Beautifully Broken”. Cliche? – Yep. True? – Absolutely.

For me, 2017 was all about my date with Matthew 6:33.

Before 2017, I didn’t know I’d created my own false sense of security in myself, career, a man, and then…God. No bueno.

When those first three things bottomed out on me…I found that:

1) Jessica Lynn cannot be trusted with making her own plans for her life. 😂 Whew! That’s a whole other blog that I’ll tackle another day.

2) Jobs are nice. Money is nice. But God is better.

3) Men, even the good ones, are still human. They make mistakes. And no matter the stage of the relationship or how much of a blessing they are to your life, they should never become more of your focus than the one who blessed you with them.

And after that, I learned God loves me too much not to put me back on the right course.

He shook up every piece of foundation I’d laid for myself only to find HIM as the true foundation. When I stopped being angry with him for things not going my way, I discovered him in capacities that I’d never known him before. A friend – the best one. A father – a great one. A husband – a gentle one. A cardiologist – a spiritual one. A redeemer – a forgiving one. And a lover – a relentless one.

Wow. <<<
2017…thank you. I learned, loved, lost, and grew…a lot. But most of all I discovered the love letter in Matthew 6:33, which is priceless. Here's to a new perspective!



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