How do you know God loves YOU?

I’m in a “space” in life that is requiring me to unplug from things/people for a while. Kinda like this. It’s both scary and peaceful…uncomfortable and serene. Anyway, I’m empty y’all. God’s doing SOMETHING…I’m not sure what. All I know is He wants my undivided attention because he’s made the nouns (people, places, and things lol) of my life that once felt comfortable…completely uncomfortable. Anywho…the best part is He’s leading me to really dig into the big (and small) answers to this very question…

What in my life is proof of God’s love for me?

I invite you to ask yourself this same question and respond with a few in the comment section. No scriptures…just experiences where you know you’ve experienced a little extra sprinkle of Jesus.


But furthermore, I encourage you to write them down for yourself!


This is what my “I have a good idea” face looks like! lol

…maybe even type them up in some type of dope calligraphy, frame them, and put them on a wall you see every day!

Because who says frames are only for pictures?


Blessings are truly the living art of life. (Did that even make sense? lol) Anyway…it’s ART…darnit! Art you should never forget so write it down and make it cute. lol

Keep shining,



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