No, you’re just lazy…

Church? – When I feel like it.
Prayer? – Before I eat.
Fasting? – What does that even mean?
Ministry? – That’s not my thing.
Tithing? – Nah, I got bills.
Do you love Jesus? – ABSOLUTELY! He’s my everything. Without Him I am nothing!


I call them the “It don’t take all that” Saints.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not bashing anyone’s relationship with God – do you boo-boo…at least until the Lord convicts you. I’m also not talking about when Saints get worn out and experience a spiritual rut. I’m talking about flat out couch potato Saints who have 100 reasons why they don’t have to do what anyone else is doing. The ones who do nothing but expect everything. I N E X C U S A B L E !

Pardon my irritation. This is my DAD we’re talking about. You’re not going to keep running to Him with your hand out and never take the time to AT LEAST show Him some SINCERE appreciation without me feeling some kinda way. He’s God, but He feels too and I don’t take too kindly to folks using my Daddy.

Anyway, spiritual laziness is a real thing but contrary to popular belief…

Some will argue that I’m implying you can “do” your way into good graces with Him. No, Christ already DID that work on the Cross. However, God deserves to see you’re willing to sacrifice for Him. To make Him a priority just as He make you a priority.
He doesn’t want to hear that you’re too tired to read His word or too busy to go to Bible Study. He doesn’t want to hear how much sleep you didn’t get on Saturday night because let’s face it, you knew 6 days prior to Sunday when church would be. He doesn’t want to hear how ministry just isn’t your thing when he created you for His own glory.
Shall I proceed? Nah? Ok.

I often wonder how life would be if He treated us the way we treat Him. I’m grateful that He loves me enough to not let me find out.

But here are a couple basic things to think about when considering the lazy route:
– How would you feel if your significant other only visited you on holidays?
– There are 52 Sundays in a year and church service only lasts about 3 hours. You do the math.

Matthew 7:21 is a real thing.

So, is He asking for too much? Or are you just lazy?

Keep shining,


The song on my heart today:

“I give you my best because I love you”


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